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The Alchemy Store was birthed through our journey of alchemy.


Our offerings are hand-made, by us, from our hearts.

Whether in ritual, or meditation, to create an energetic shift and help find balance and harmony - mind, body and soul, these tools have helped us beyond measure.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we do and they aid you on your path of alchemy.

Ambi Kavanagh & Jon Hammond-Hagan



We met in London in 2011 while pursuing a spiritual path of transformation and healing. 

As fate would have it, we both ended up moving to Los Angeles around the same time and became good friends.

Over the years as we evolved spiritually, we created tools that helped us to help ourselves.

As we began to reap the rewards in our lives, knowing how much these alchemic creations assisted us, we had a desire to help others by sharing them, which resulted in the creation of our podcast, and now, the Alchemy Store.

From spiritual soulmates, to great friends, and now conscious entrepreneurs and business partners, we are excited for our continued evolution as real life alchemists.

We are based in Los Angeles, the city of angels, where we live with our respective husbands and children.