Alchemy Store Sound Bath Candles™ are made using sustainable Organic Coconut Wax and a combination of organic essential oils and high-grade phthalate-free perfume oils to create the perfect scent.

Each of our candles has a custom scent created through a combination of essential oils specifically chosen because of their unique energetic properties that serve to enhance and ultimately manifest each candle’s unique theme.

Pure Reiki Energy

Reiki healing energy is infused into each Sound Bath Candle™, ensuring our candles are energetically charged with a high vibration.

This can help us shift our internal vibrational energy and therefore shift our reality.

Reiki energy can help us with both healing and manifesting in our lives.

Sound Bath Meditation

Light your Sound Bath Candle™.
Close your eyes, take a deep breath and immerse yourself in our energy-shifting Guided Sound Bath Meditations.

Each Sound Bath Candle™ is accompanied by a custom-guided Sound Bath Meditation, designed to enhance your intention and the manifestation of the specific candle's theme.

Meditation Works

Meditation and Mindfulness work. We gain greater clarity and a feeling of increased well-being when we give ourselves the time to be present and live in the moment, to hear our breath, feel our heart, and connect with our true self.

Guided Immersive Sound Bath Meditations

Our Sound Bath Candles™ with Guided Immersive Sound Bath Meditations can positively impact your mental and physical well-being, by helping you destress, focus, gain a better perspective on situations in your life and ultimately helping  you manifest your true heartfelt intentions.

The power of focused intention should never be underestimated. When we set a goal or declare an intention and fuel it with the right energy we create a powerful portal for transformation and manifestation.


Scent is an important component of our Sound Bath Candles™. Scent has the power to enhance our mood, trigger memories and help with creative thinking, thus impowering our intentions.

Our Sound Bath Candles™ give us an anchor for our creative thinking and and thus our Intentions. When we set our intention and anchor it to a unique scent combination, every time we smell our Sound bath Candle™  we are automatically drawn back to our intention and fuel it with the energy it needs to manifest itself in the physical relm.

Together they are a powerful combination that can create real alchemy in your life.

Headphones or Speakers

Our Guided Meditations are best experienced through headphones or placing yourself centrally between speakers. Allowing yourself to hear the sounds and vibrations of all our instruments played in the Sound Bath, as though you're actually there!