Clean Ingredients.  Slow Burn.         
Clear Sound. Pure Energy.

Our Sound Bath Candles are made with sustainable Coconut wax and a combination of organic essential oils and high grade phthalate-free perfume oils to create the perfect scent and a slow burn.

Every candle in our collection is hand-made in small batches, poured with love and infused with high vibrational Reiki energy.

Ambi Kavanagh & Jon Hammond-Hagan


The Energy Within Our Sound Bath Candle Experience 

What is Reiki?
Reiki is a healing, uplifting energy, that can help us shift our vibration and therefore shift our reality. Reiki energy helps us with healing or manifesting in our lives. We infuse Reiki into our candle making process ensuring our candles are energetically charged with a high vibration.
Custom Scent
Each of our candles have a custom scent created through a combination of essential oils specifically chosen because of their unique energetic properties that serve to enhance and ultimately manifest each candle’s unique theme.

The scents work in harmony with the high vibrational Reiki energy uplifting energetic vibration of the candle and ultimately helping to facilitate the intention of your Sound Bath candle.
What Is a Sound Bath
A Sound Bath is an immersive meditation where you are ‘bathed’ in unique sounds and vibrations helping you achieve a deeper state of relaxation by allowing your brainwaves to slow down and also enabling you to expand your consciousness.

When wanting to create change in your life it is important that your energetic vibration is similar to that which you are looking to manifest whether it is an intention or a goal.

We have created unique Immersive Vibrational Sound Bath mediations to help facilitate the uplifting and alignment of your internal energetic vibration.
Getting Closer to Your Intention
When listening to one of our Immersive Vibrational Sound Baths for a particular candle, you are allowing your brainwaves to move into a state where the intention of your candle can be manifested on both the energetic and physical plane.

This is how our Sound Baths help to amplify your vibration and energy to bring you closer to the goal you have set and the intention of the candle you chose to purchase.
How You'll Access Your Sound Bath
When your order arrives, you will receive alongside your Sound Bath Candle a unique QR code giving you access to the custom Immersive Vibrational Sound Bath for your specific candle.

Simply scan the QR code with your mobile device and you will be able to access your Sound Bath.

Our Sound Baths are best experienced wearing headphones, however if you want to give your surroundings an Immersive Energetic Cleansing experience you can play your Sound Bath through speakers.