Brand new 100%. Warranty 12 months, 1 for 1 exchange 1



When your candle arrives, simply unpack it and take in its scent.

Scan & Access Your Sound bath

Scan the unique QR code which will be on a card in your candle box to access your candles unique guided  Sound bath. You will have access to your guided  Sound bath meditation for 30 days after your first listen.

Get Comfortable and Enjoy 

Find a cosy spot where you can enjoy your Sound bath meditation. You can be lying down, or seated, just make sure you’re able to relax. Light your candle and set your intention. And experience the Sound bath through either headphones or speakers.

After Your First Sound bath 

Remember you can relight your candle and meditate using your Sound bath as many times as you want to over the next 30 days to heighten your connection to your candle’s essence and your own intention.

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